Our Commitments

Bedspace is dedicated to running an open, Honest and good Business. With this in mind we run things according to the following principles and commitments:

— To Staff —

We believe in supporting our staff, encouraging development and treating them fairly. All of our staff have benefits and working conditions in line with Europe and are rewarded fairly for their efforts. They receive regular internal and external skills training and go on to support and develop their own communities. We do not include Service charge for the hotel or tips as part of their pay, meaning anything you choose to leave as tips are genuine bonuses for a job well done. The staff themselves have asked us to request customers who wish to tip, to do so at reception so that it can be shared equally amongst the them. Management do not take any of this and every cent is spread equally.

— To Customers —

Bedspace believes in welcoming all customers from all backgrounds, equally. We operate the business openly and honestly and are always happy to discuss any aspect of our operations. We are committed to making customers comfortable and entertained and above all we aim to exceed their expectations.

— To the Environment —

Where possible, we minimise our use of harmful chemicals, we follow proper disposal methods for all of our waste, and we recycle anything we possibly can. We encourage sustainable farming in our choice of produce and we support many companies that are doing great things in steering Sri Lanka away from mono-culture farming. Feel free to ask us about any of these initiatives as we would love to tell you about them.

— To community —

We are committed to running an open and honest business that supports the community and our neighbours. We encourage better business practices amongst the other local establishments and provide time and resources to improving the online presence of both Unawatuna and other guesthouses. We do not see fellow guesthouses as competition and treat them rather as friends and fellow parts of Unawatuna’s success.

We shop as locally as possible and purchase goods and services from Unawatuna whenever we can. We support various local charities, organisations and misfortunate people when needed and we would be happy to show you some great projects that would benefit from any help or interest you may wish to give.

—To the Animals —

Bedspace loves animals; the cute and cuddly ones, the slimy scaly ones and even the hairy cheeky ones. We have many visitors to our garden and we do not discourage them away, unless they are mosquitoes! Sri Lanka has an ongoing problem with stray cats and dogs and we will sometimes allow a troubled kitten or dog to hang out for awhile till it is in better shape before finding them a new home. We neuter any cats or dogs that hangout and treat their fur for ticks or fleas. This means that the animals are safe to pet or play with, even if they are only passing through.